Ongoing Study

Dr. Eric Morrow, a professor at Brown University and director of the Center for Translational Neuroscience at the Carney Institute for Brain Science, is working to develop a treatment for GPT2 Deficiency. His laboratory was part of a team that discovered the cause of this disease, and they currently are working on necessary pre-clinical studies aimed at identifying a cure.

GPT2 Deficiency is a genetic metabolic disease, which may be treatable through dietary changes and supplements. Their hope is to be able to quickly intervene with a treatment and prevent neurological degeneration in diagnosed individuals.  

“These studies are in both primary mouse neurons, as well as in human neurons (from stem cells) in order to translate advances back to the human context. Our lab has a strong and multidisciplinary team permitting a powerful integrated translational approach, bridging patient-oriented studies to experimental models.”


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